Make, Tinker, Imagine at Booze & Build

Do you remember as a kid the joy of dumping a box of Legos onto the floor? The possibilities were endless! From race cars to castles, dragons to bridges – you could make anything! Adults don’t often take the time to just make something, without purpose, expectation or obligation. Booze & Build is imagined around this joy of making for adults – with fermented beverage to ease along the process!

In 2018, Two Rivers Gallery welcomed 100’s of delegates from science centers across Canada. To avoid the awkward small talk conference receptions are famous for, we transformed the experience. Why not engage these delegates in an evening of hands-on, creative fun found at science centres and Booze & Build was born! The building was filled with animated conversations, smiling faces, and some crazy hand-made items. It was so much fun, we wanted to invite people from our community to share in the experience too.

Booze & Build showcases the very best and silliest activities that Two Rivers Gallery and its embedded maker space, MakerLab 2RG, have to offer. Participants find themselves engaged in activities that they didn’t know even existed like:

  • tattooing a banana in the laser engraver
  • pulling a print off a silicone fish
  • stabbing colourful wool strands into felt a tiny pocket creature
  • building epic structures with building block sets
  • playing with 3D doodle pens

The first public Booze & Build event sold out in early 2019. The next Booze & Build is planned for February 14, 2020 – just in time to impress valentines with an unexpected and memory-making evening of fun and imagination, complete with wine, beer, cider and snacks.

Tickets sales coming soon!