Did you know that Two Rivers Gallery has podcasts???

The first is Tracing Lines: Art Talk, a periodic podcast series that highlights some of the amazing artists that the gallery works with. Each episode is a conversation between a staff member and an artist, and listeners can gain a bit of insight into their art practice, body of work, exhibitions and projects. The most recent episode focuses on exhibiting artist Nicola Harwood, whose exhibition Summoning (No Words) is at Two Rivers Gallery until October 4, 2020. In that episode Harwood discusses her work as a feminist, and how her background in theatre and perfomance ties into her work as an artist.

In the second periodic podcast, Learning from Sharing: A Series of Voices on Diversity, is dedicated to sharing voices around Indigenous knowledge, LGBTQ2+ knowledge, diversity and inclusion. The first episode features Lynette La Fontaine (she/her/hers), a two-spirit Otipemisiwak artist sharing personal reflections on what getting her Fire Back means. She explores her personal journey of reclaiming, resurging, and Michif traditional values in the current context of healing, lateral violence, and a contemporary, mixed media art practice formally and informally trained with mentors.

Check out the Two Rivers Gallery website for more information, or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!