Trash, Art & Fashion

We have all in our homes longing for something to do so get creative, browse your recycle bin and start putting together a unique piece of art!

Two Rivers Gallery is busy working on some events including Trashion Show: Art Meets Science, an invitation to creators, makers, artists, and design enthusiasts to bring to life provocative, outrageous, unique, and challenging wearable art created from recycled materials. This year’s Trashion Show is scheduled for Saturday, September 26.

Participants are encouraged to create their wearable art  to fall into one of three themes:

  • Ecology: sustainability, waste diversion, resource extraction of our non-renewable industry, etc.
  • Biology: one of the 5 main ecosystems, biological systems, or microscopic imagery.
  • Technology: Repurposed technology as material to create the wearable art piece, or as a technical element to the wearable art piece (ie, garment would light up, move, or make sound.

It can be made out of recycled or repurposed material that has been previously used, considered junk, or destined for the landfill – this includes yard waste and natural materials!

This event was started to encourage people to think about how much waste we actually produce. One artist from last year described it as ‘disgusting and exhilarating’ to see the amount of trash that could be turned into works of wearable art.

Allison Warner, who created a stunning rock legend gown out of old fishnets and CD’s, said about her experience, “My favorite part of the process was connecting with other artists and makers in the community.[…] I had a very clear vision going into it, but once I got going I had to make lots of changes along the way in order to accommodate for the learning curve related to working with new materials.”

Artist Cat Siversten, whose victorian lace vision 1581 Divine Delusion used cardboard and plastic can connectors, mentioned her favourite part was “collaborating with [her] granddaughter on the concept and design, researching materials and ultimately the making – enjoyed that part mostly because of going to the MakerLab and learning from others” and would most definitely recommend it to anyone interested.

Have you binged all of Tiger King, baked your way through your cookbooks, conquered the online creations of Animal Crossing and exhausted the ever-evolving world of TikTok?  Why not pick-up a glue gun, some scissors, and rummage through your trash heap to create the next winning artwork for Two Rivers Gallery’s Trashion Show?!

Artists, makers and creators, are encouraged to apply online at Applications are being accepted until August 15. If you have any questions, please contact Briana Sadler, MakerLab Coordinator at

See you on the Runway!