Trashion Show Online

Trashion Show is an event that celebrates creativity through redesigning and creating wearable art from materials destined for the landfill or recycling depots. The inaugural event was held in the spring 2019, with over a hundred audience members and 18 artists. It was a thrill to see waste reimagined into beautiful pieces of art that sashayed to rhythmic music down the runway. This buzz made us giddy with anticipation for Trashion Show 2020.

In order to showcase wearable art in 2020, the Trashion Show is now transitioning online – on September 21 wearable art images from past and present participants was posted on Two Rivers Gallery’s Facebook page. Then on September 26 a Facebook live event at 7:30pm on Two Rivers Gallery’s page will talk about the making process and the ideas behind what was created. Don’t worry if you miss the live viewing, the video and photos will be posted for future viewing.