The Meaning of Christmas

An excerpt from Gerald S. Andrews’ interview with Marge McDougall (1900 – 1980), a Finlay Forks resident and artist known for her portraits of the Sekani First Nation people:

One year Roy and Marge McDougall had chosen not to celebrate Christmas as they were both “down in the dumps.” Their First Nations neighbours had alternate plans and came down the river singing and streamed into the house, ready to celebrate for the first time. 

Marge went out and decorated a spruce tree with bits of red rags and then had the girls help her make a Christmas cake.

With a big bowl of frosting and gumdrops, Marge left the girls to decorate the cake. When she returned, the giggling girls had written “Happy Birthday Jesus” and Marge realized they’d hit the nail on the head – the true meaning of Christmas.

See a collection of Marge’s work at the Mackenzie Museum.